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Immigration Physical Examination

immigration physical examination

Date: 07.17.2024

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Along with the thrill of discovering about a different culture, obtaining a job, and choosing a place to live, emigrating to the United States as a new resident or on a visa also entails passing an entrance medical exam, sometimes known as an immigration medical. The medical examination stage of the immigration procedure might take up to three visits. The green card medical examination is a crucial component of the immigration procedure that all members of the family seeking a family-based green card must go through.

Purpose of Immigration Medical Exam

If someone wants to immigrate to the United States, they’ll need to undergo an immigration physical. Immigration physicals, also known as green card medicals, safeguard public safety by removing the grounds for disqualification for newcomers. When applying to immigrate to the United States, an immigration medical exam is essential since it will determine whether or not the intending immigrant satisfies the health requirements for entry. A doctor will analyze the medical history and vaccination documents, as well as do a physical examination, during an immigration medical exam.

Denial for health-related grounds

While a normal cold will not prevent someone from obtaining a visa or green card in the United States, more serious infectious diseases, as well as problems that may cause anyone to hurt oneself or others, may. These are infectious illnesses that have the potential to harm the public’s health.

Drug Abuser

Applicants who are discovered to be drug addicts or abusers will be denied admission. As described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, drug abuse and addiction are associated with substance diseases or substance-induced abnormalities of a restricted substance specified in Section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act.

Proper Vaccination

Vaccines are needed by law in several cases. Others are mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) because they are in the public’s best interests. If any of the mentioned immunizations have not been obtained, and the vaccinations are age and medically appropriate, the applicant has a disability and is ineligible.

Communicable Diseases

Applicants with communicable illnesses with significant public health implications are ineligible. HHS, not USCIS, determines what constitutes a contagious illness of public health concern. Gonorrhea, Infectious Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy), Infectious stage of syphilis, and Tuberculosis are known as communicable diseases.

Lack of capacity to work

If medical health prevents anyone from functioning and financially supporting themselves, USCIS may rule someone ineligible for a green card. This certification is based on how probable someone is to become reliant on government assistance. Extremely deadly illnesses, for example, may belong to this group.

Medical Assessment Results

Panel doctors must mark the findings of the medical assessment on the Medical Examination for Immigrant or Refugee Applicant, and civil surgeons must write the outcomes of the medical assessment on the Reports of Health Check and Vaccination History.

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What should we bring with us to the exam?

Many individuals are worried about their immigration medical exam but being well-prepared with all of the necessary papers may go a long way toward ensuring a smooth test. Individuals will need numerous materials to make preparations for the medical test. All patients, whether from the Katy area or from greater Houston, having the test must have a valid passport with required pictures, immunization records, Form I-693, Record of Medical Assessment and Immunization Log (if altering status), and a list of medicines. These can be completed at West Houston Internal Medicine. Call (832) 321-4962 to schedule an appointment now. 

hospital records are needed to be provided if someone has been hospitalized for a psychiatric condition, alcohol and drug abuse, or any other severe ailment. This includes any family members that intend to bring with them to the United States. The physician will require a thorough understanding of the medical history.

When Should an Immigrant Medical Exam Be Scheduled?

The National Visa Center will notify consulate candidates when it is time to book an appointment. Before the planned immigrant visa interview, individuals must undergo medical evaluation and immunizations. A USCIS officer may infer that the medical paperwork prepared by a panel physician is correctly submitted since it is reviewed by a State Department consular officer as part of the overseas visa procedure. Except for physicians who are Public Health Service officers, only physicians designated by USCIS to act as civil surgeons may conduct an immigration medical examination in the United States and complete Form I-693. Applicants for a change of status may have several options. Sometimes adjustment candidates are pressed for time and want to complete the immigration medical test at a later date.

The cost of an immigration medical examination in Houston and Katy

Prices range from $100 to more than $400. The price of a medical checkup varies a lot depending on where you go and who you go to.

The cost of an immigration medical exam varies greatly depending on the nation in which it is done and the doctor who does it. The US government does not have a predetermined charge. The fee will vary depending on the doctor individuals see. As a result, people can talk to a few doctors to find out how much the immigration medical exam costs.

One may also need to evaluate the exam’s unnecessary expenses. In some situations, one may have to arrive early in the interview location for the medical examination.



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