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Geriatric Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment in Houston

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Date: 07.17.2024

Written By: WHME Admin

Geriatrics is the discipline of healthcare that concentrates on our special requirements as we age. It supports healthy progress in older persons by preventing and treating disease and impairment that typically occurs with aging. Healthcare experts that specialize in geriatrics are uniquely trained to assist us in managing our well-being so that we can preserve our health and independence for as long as feasible. It’s easy to get mixed up about what geriatric care is and how it might benefit older people. 

Who is in charge of geriatric care?

  • Geriatrician

Geriatricians are physicians who have received specific training in assessing and managing our individual healthcare requirements and therapy preferences as we age. Geriatricians are board-certified internists or primary care doctors who have completed extra geriatric education and training. Geriatricians often offer care for fragile elderly persons with particular medical and social requirements due to their special expertise.

  • Physician assistant

Physician associates are licensed medical practitioners and work as part of a medical team to practice medicine and administer drugs. Physician assistants collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

  • Nutritionist

Nutritionists specialize in the role of food and nutrition in health management. They advise people on how to eat certain foods to improve their health or manage a certain health issue.

  • Physical therapist

Physical therapists are health specialists who assist clients in increasing their activity and decreasing their discomfort. Physical therapists who work with seniors frequently concentrate on illnesses including arthritis, joint implants, and mobility problems.

  • Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists are healthcare specialists who help patients participate fully in everyday activities. They may assist older persons with duties such as housework, driving, and movement patterns (including balance, strength, and coordination).

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Facts to keep in mind while choosing a geriatrician

Elderly parents as well as other senior relatives may need expert medical care. Appropriate geriatric care necessitates collaboration among health providers and cares. Geriatricians are known for their ability to perceive the larger picture. Many elderly people, for example, use various drugs to manage a variety of ailments. As a result of the aging process, several health problems develop or worsen. These issues are frequently exacerbated in senior patients by further impairments in physical or mental capacities. This frequently results in a downward spiral in which the patient is unable to manage their own treatment and unfavorable health occurrences become more common or frequent.

 Geriatricians are knowledgeable about pharmacological adverse reactions and the dangers of taking several medications. They can assist in determining which medications are required and which can be omitted. Longer sessions are common in geriatrics clinics to ensure that older persons have ample chance to talk about all of their medical problems.

  • Professional attitude

 Inquire about the geriatrician’s unique certificates or qualifications. Also, see if he or she is linked with an institutional medical center, which often provides patients with the most up-to-date care.

  • Accessibility

Check to see whether the practice takes your insurance plan. Understand well geriatricians’ work hours, who we’ll speak with after hours, and how he or she handles crises. Check the geriatrician’s availability of at-home care facilities.

  • Principles

When it comes to personal health objectives, try and ensure that the geriatrician is on a similar track, bearing in mind that those objectives may alter over time. Inquire about any additional programs or services he or she may provide. Some geriatricians provide activities to assist seniors to keep healthier, such as fitness courses or effective prevention workshops.

  • Way of communication

Learn how the geriatrician communicates with specialists including cardiologists, pulmonologists, and neurologists. Inquire about his or her preferred method of communication with us.

  • Geriatric Evaluation

The Geriatric Assessment Program provides tests that might reveal why an older adult is suffering from a variety of ailments. Depression, memory loss, behavior issues, frequent falls, dizzy spells, medication side effects, and unexplained symptoms will all be tested during a geriatric exam. 

Geriatric evaluation entails Obtaining knowledge in order to comprehend one’s personal and family medical history A comprehensive physical examination, tests, and screenings to assess physical, emotional, and mental health, A overview of all prescription and over-the-counter medications and supplements, A survey for family members to help identify issues and solutions.

Problem-solving begins with a geriatric evaluation. We can chart solutions after we know what is causing the patient’s behavioral, emotional, or physical challenges. To obtain the greatest results, consult West Huston Internal Medicine where our providers will communicate with your primary care physician on a frequent basis.

Where can We get assistance?

It’s important to discover healthcare specialists who can help the entire family manage the hurdles of caregiver for our senior loved ones while seeking medical attention for geriatric patients.

It’s difficult to plan ahead since you never know how your demands may change. The first step is to consider the kind of assistance we could require in the coming years. Getting assistance at home isn’t always a smart idea. West Huston Internal Medicine is committed to supporting a healthy lifestyle in Huston. Call (832) 321-4962 to schedule an appointment.


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