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Chronic Insomnia Treatment 

Insomnia is a common sleep problem that makes it difficult to fall or stay asleep. If your lack of sleep is negatively impacting your life, Dr. Karen Thampoe offers effective solutions for treating chronic insomnia at West Houston Internal Medicine in Katy, Texas. To get the rest you need, schedule a consultation online or by calling the office..

Insomnia is more than the occasional restless night. It’s a sleep disorder characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing restorative sleep. It can be classified into two types – acute and chronic. Acute insomnia is short-term and often caused by stress or a traumatic event, while chronic insomnia lasts for at least three nights a week for three months or more.

The Impact of Insomnia

Prolonged lack of quality sleep can lead to a myriad of problems, including fatigue, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, and weakened immunity. Over time, it can even lead to more severe health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Not to mention, the frustration and anxiety surrounding the struggle to sleep can worsen insomnia, creating a vicious cycle.


Chronic Symptoms of Insomnia

1. Difficulty Falling Asleep: This is often the most recognized symptom of insomnia. Individuals may find themselves lying awake for hours, unable to drift off into sleep.

2. Waking Up Frequently During the Night: Insomnia also causes frequent awakenings throughout the night. People may find it challenging to return to sleep once awakened.

3. Waking Up Too Early: Insomniacs often find themselves waking up earlier than intended, and then struggle to fall back asleep.

4. Feeling Tired Upon Waking: Insomnia prevents restful, deep sleep. Consequently, individuals often wake up feeling unrefreshed or fatigued, despite spending enough time in bed.

5. Daytime Sleepiness or Fatigue: Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to persistent feelings of tiredness, lethargy, or lack of energy during the day.

6. Difficulty Concentrating: Lack of adequate sleep can impair cognitive functions, causing issues with memory, focus, and attention span.

7. Mood Disturbances: Insomnia often goes hand in hand with mood swings, irritability, anxiety, or depression. The ongoing struggle with sleep can exacerbate these emotional and psychological symptoms.

8. Increased Errors or Accidents: Due to impaired cognitive functions and constant fatigue, individuals suffering from insomnia may find themselves prone to errors or accidents.

If you notice these symptoms persistently, it might indicate chronic insomnia. Remember, acknowledging the problem is the first step towards a solution.

Insomnia treatment

Prescription Medications & Lifestyle Modifications

In some cases, prescription medications may be necessary. Dr. Thampoe carefully evaluates each patient to determine the appropriate medicine and dosage, ensuring minimal side effects and potential dependency.

Often, simple changes can make a big difference. Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime, establishing a regular sleep schedule, and creating a sleep-friendly environment can greatly improve sleep quality.

Chronic insomnia

If you’re experiencing chronic insomnia, it’s time to take a step towards a restful sleep. Schedule a consultation online or call the office of West Houston Internal Medicine, and begin your journey towards healthier, more restorative sleep. Sleep is not a luxury – it’s a necessity for a healthier and happier you!


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